Energy Industry

From October 2021 until February 2022 I worked as an Agile Coach in the energy industry for the Consilica GmbH.

I accompanied four IT-teams on their agile journey during DevOps waves and helped them to implement methods like Scrum and Kanban and measured the success by applying the DORA metrics.

To accomplish this I coached Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Managers. A crucial part of this project had been the implementation of T-Shaping, also known as cross-skilling.

Domestic Appliances Industry

From 2021 on I worked as a Scrum Master for two German and one Romanian developer team for the Miele Cie. & KG in a scaled Scrum Environment.

This included the continuous improvement of Scrum inside the teams, but also on the scaled level.

I also supported Miele as Agile Coach as a member of the executive department for agile transformation, the “Agile Center of Expertise”.

Besides this I helped Miele in the cultural change from a classic to an agile company as Part of the “Culture & Mindset Initiative”.

Internal conflict mediation, quality and process improvement, and the development of an Agile Playbook had been a part of my daily business.

Organizing fun activities like online team-building-events or release parties was also part of my role.

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers and Stakeholders got coached by me.

Public Sector

From 2019 on I supported AtoS in the Agile Transformation Process in a project for the German Ministry of Justice.

This included the iterative implementation of Scrum and an agile Mindset in an classical plan oriented environment.

The usual Scrum Framework Events had been used in this transformation process. They consisted out of Dailies, Sprint Reviews, Retros, and Plannings inclusive Planing Poker.

The technology stack consisted out of Java, Spring Badge, Docker and JUnit as Test-Suite. We used Extreme Programming methods like pair-programming and code reviews.

Automotive Industry

From 2018 on I worked for IBM and I was responsible for the transformation of an Java legacy platform to a scaled environment with docker for Daimler.

This included the implementation of Scrum Events like dailies and the use of an Kanban Board.

Besides this it was a hard agile challenge to explain the stakeholders, that agility isn’t there to make mile stone planing easier.

Extreme Programming methods like code reviews and pair-programming had been used.

In 2022 I worked as an Advanced Scrum Master for two international developer teams for VW.

I organized and moderated Scrum Ceremonies and SAFe events. Part of my work was the Product Increment Planning and Preparation. Besides this I organized team events and trained Scrum Master apprentices.

Recruiting Industry

From 2017 on I worked for Neue Werte and I was responsible for the development of an vacancy platform for orchestras.

This included the implementation of a Test-Driven-Development approach, the use of docker for local development and the Integration of an CI\CD pipeline.

Besides this we integrated Scrum Ceremonies like Dailies to improve the development process.

The hardest challenge in this project was the high amount of legacy code and the refactoring process and the clash with classical planning approaches.

To prevent “bad code” and unnecessary refactoring I pushed the development of an “Clean Code Guide”.

Insurance Industry

From 2015 on I worked at Dionera for blaudirekt.de

At the time in which I worked in this company we used the classical development approach.

This included e.g. ticketing systems. In this project I was responsible for the implementation of insurance calculators.

My time at Dionera taught me how important DoD’s, User Stories, Clean Code, a test environment and automatized tests are to develop a customer focused product with a high quality.